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When a business or professional has to have an audio or video recording transcribed, that’s called business transcription. A commercial transcription is any sort of transcription that is neither medical or legal transcription, such as a book or magazine transcription. As a result of corporate presentations, investor meetings, and conference calls, audio and video data is generated on a daily basis in the business sector. This information can be used to generate new business plans and strategies. Transcribing all interactions about financial and marketing decisions will benefit your company.

Due to its importance in video and audio translation, transcription is commonly used in conjunction with other services. Examples of this include time synchronization (as already mentioned), translation, and subtitling, among others. Most of the time, it is more efficient and cost-effective to have a single person or organization manage all of these activities.

Looking For Transcription Services?

If you’re looking for a transcription firm, Wordfruit is India’s Leading transcription service provider agency in Mumbai which is an excellent option.

This service will benefit your company, whether it is new or well-established. Individuals and businesses that exclusively provide transcription services exist, as do those that provide transcription as part of a broader range of services. Wordfruit’s business transcribing services are available in Mumbai and are known for years in providing the best at a valued cost.

A wholly-owned and controlled business, Wordfruit offers professional transcribing services to clients around the world, including the United States.

This company is a member of the Breakthrough Management Quality Registry and has been certified by them.