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High quality multilingual digital publishing can amplify your brand message. However, appealing to your multilingual customers requires more than translating words. The entire design demands localization, making the text, graphics, and layout native and culturally compelling to your target audience. Wordfruit provides expert desktop publishing services in over 80 languages in all major publishing tools. Our multilingual DTP solutions have helped companies excel in global markets across a variety of industries.

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Desktop Publishing Services
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Wordfruit’s Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) team can localize documents in any language, be they double-byte character languages such as Chinese or right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.

Translation of technical documents from one language to another has substantial impact on the graphical layout of documents. For example:


1. Documents translated from English to languages such as Kannada, Telugu, French, Spanish and Arabic expand in word count and require more space or smaller font size

2. Malayalam, Tamil, German and Russian words can be dozens of characters long, requiring re-sizing of graphics and menu items

3. Middle Eastern languages, such as Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi change the order of layout because they are written right to left

4. Character-based languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, require specific versions of even standard publishing software installed on the native (non-US) platform to generate localized documents for the target users.


Quality Control

We at Wordfruit, our desktop publishing specialists work hand-in-hand with native-speaking proofreaders to ensure that meaning is not compromised when adjustments are made to accommodate formatting variations that occur in different languages and character sets. Every formatted document is proofed by a language-specific proofreader to ensure that all standards of quality have been met. 

In simple words, in Multilingual DTP or Multilingual Desktop Publishing, not only translation services but also formatting, design and layout services with an additional final proofreading stage are provided for “Ready to Print Multilingual Documents”. For this purpose, apart from linguistic expertise, technical expertise is also a must and we provide you just that combination.

Our experts are not only excellent translators but we have a dedicated team with the necessary technical expertise to work with DTP software. So whether your document is in Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop, you will get ready to print text with a precisely maintained format. Now your catalogues, brochures, manuals can be made available in multiple languages – just hand over the text and art work to us and we will take care of the rest!

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