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Wordfruit brings decades of experience in Translation services. Our  Professional English-to-Arabic translators  also provide Arabic-to-English transliteration.

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Arabic to English Translation

Wordfruit (India) Pvt. Ltd. Is a professional, ISO Certified Arabic Translation  Services Company.  Along with certified translation, we also provide General Arabic to English Translation Services in Mumbai and other cities in India. we offer standard and best translator services to businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, different sectors of society, as well as individuals in Mumbai and across India. We have well-qualified and experienced native Arabic translators. Our team of English-to-Arabic translators translates your audio and videos into accurate and precise text transcripts in any language you require. We also provide Certified Arabic Transcription and Arabic-to-English transliteration Services.

We have extensive experience in delivering Arabic translation services that combine excellence, affordability, accurateness. Seamlessness, Pledge, and client satisfaction are the most important pillars of Arabic to English translation.

Arabic to English Translators Experts Team:

We have Best Arabic to English Translation Professionals in Mumbai and across India who serve to the translation needs of many commercial sectors including travel and tourism, hospitality, catering, entertainment, finance, banking, manufacturing, law, and so on. Wordfruit possesses a team of more than 15 years of experience in Professional Arabic to English Translators in Mumbai who have outstanding mastery over the Arabic Language. Our qualified Arabic to English Translators in Mumbai is available to help you with all kinds of English-to-Arabic translation services required in activities like Business Conferences, Court or Legal Matter, Machine Installation, Technical Training or Presentation, Medical Tourism for Patient or Hospitals and so on.

Arabic to English Translation

Certified Legal Arabic Document Translation Services in Mumbai, India.

All the Arabic-to-English and English-Arabic Translations are done by Professional and Certified Arabic Translators in Mumbai. We assist our clients 24/7 by delivering Qualified and Professional Arabic Translations in Mumbai. We also provide all types of Arabic Documents Translations including:

  • Visa & Travel Purpose

  • FIR Copy

  • Bank Statements

  • Ingredients document

  • Academics & Degrees

  • Website

  • Legal Document

  • Birth & Death Certificate

  • Marriage & Divorse Certificate

  • Driving License & Passport

We provide English to Arabic and Arabic to English Translation Services in Following Industries;

We offer English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation services in the following Industries;      

  • Advertising Industry
  • Marketing Industry
  • Engineering & Automotive Industry
  • Banking & Finance Industry
  • Gaming & Telecommunication Industry
  • Medical & Healthcare Industry
  • Education & Tourism Industry
  • Biotechnology, & Agriculture Industry
  • Web Development & IT Industry
Arabic to English Translation

Wordfruit also provides Arabic to English Transcription and Arabic to English Transliteration services in Mumbai. We adhere to strict rules for your legal documents and data processing regulations to ensure the full privacy of your documents. We sign nondisclosure agreements with our clients to prevent data forgery.

Why Wordfruit is one of the best Choices for English To Arabic Translation Services?

Wordfruit is an ISO Certified Arabic Translation Company, based in Mumbai and decisively believes that high-quality translations cannot be achieved with machine translations. It, therefore, works with only highly qualified and experienced translators, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency. Our Arabic translators provide precise Arabic language translation services. Along with Arabic translation, we also provide Software Localization in the Arabic language, Arabic Language Testing, Desktop publishing service in the Arabic Language, Voice-Over & subtitling in the Arabic Language, Arabic Technical writing, Arabic Global management system support ad Arabic website globalization.