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Wordfruit India Pvt Ltd brings to you decades of experience in legal translation services for all types of important legal documents –
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Legal Translation services

The globalization of commerce has boosted the demand for legal translation services. Many businesses require legal documents translation services from source language into target language. It is essential to have an efficient and quick translation service. However, legal document translation is not that simple. Even minor errors can result in lawsuits. For this reason professional legal translation experts are vital for a Crutial job. Legal translation is the procedure of translating all texts in the legal industry. Certificates of accuracy, witness testimony, articles of incorporation, lawsuit documents, and immigration document are just a few instances.

If you are looking for legal document translation services, Wordfruit India Pvt. Ltd. is the most accurate Legal translation Provider for you. Wordfruit provides you the best translation services in Mumbai, India. We have the team of best legal translators in the industry for legal document translation, with more than 15 years of experience. We accurately translate your legal documents from English into all Indian and regional languages and vise –a – versa for domestic and International companies and individuals, preserving the true meaning of the content.

Professional Legal translators with prior skills:

  1. Devotion
  2. Technical expertise
  3. Terminological understanding of legal court/systems
  4. Secrecy and Privacy
  5. On time delivery

Each nation has its own culture, language, and legal system. Therefore, the legal translators must be fluent in not only the two languages but also the legal systems involved in the translation project. The legal translators must also be familiar with the common law and civil law systems. All of this enables the legal translators to provide accurate legal translations services.

English to Marathi Legal Document Translation Service in Mumbai

Commitment towards Clients

Wordfruit provides certified and notarized translation services in India and around the world, with quick turnaround times.

We are equipped with legal experts who are also in-country professional legal translators to do justice to the translation task. Our immense dedication to quality, service, on-time delivery, and affordable pricing has accumulated us a standing as one of India’s most trustable legal documents translation

Few of the frequently translated documents by our legal translation experts:
  • Contracts
  • Statutes & Laws
  • Financial Records
  • Litigation Documents
  • Business Tenders
  • Proposals
  • Patent Trademark
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Immigration Documents
  • Foreign Legal Text
  • License
  • Letter of Credit
  • Judicial Transcripts
  • Compliance Documents
  • Corporate Bylaws

Certified Legal Translation Services In India

Legal translation is a particular field requiring complete precision, order over legal terms, and comprehension of government controls, predominant laws and legal framework. At Wordfruit we comprehend the ramifications of a solitary confusion of legitimate term and the harm it can cause.

Obviously, at Wordfruit we go to extraordinary length in choosing the best lawful specialists who are likewise in-nation proficient lawful interpreters to do equity to the interpretation assignment. The services we provide in legal translation include patents, agreements, contracts, licenses, trademarks & copyrights, application & insurance forms and many more.

Legal Translation Services In Mumbai

USCIS approved legal translation services on retainer for law firms across the globe. Our team works with every single language, and can handle the terminology your case requires. Plus, we provide certifications with no additional cost – Call us today.

Wordfruit Loyalty toward the Translation project

For legal translation, we understand the importance of confidentiality, accuracy, and timely delivery. Therefore, we have a project management team as well as qualified approved translators who expertise in:

Court documentation       

Legal Document Translation                       

Patent Translation

Sworn and Certified Translations       

  • Will Translation   

Civil lawsuit translations  

Translation affidavits      

Compliance with university or high school requirements 

Mirror-image, legally binding contract translations

In addition to legal translation, we provide following services:

Secure a professional legal translator on retainer, and guarantee access to fast, accurate, and consistent language experts who specialize in the legal field.

HIPAA-compliant medical translation services to keep your reputation strong and your patient communication accurate.

Have your literary masterpiece reach an international audience. 100% accurate literary translations backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Translate you college transcripts, dissertations, and diploma with our accurate, certified, USCIS accepted college translations.

Receive mirror-image document translations to keep your records consistent and accurate throughout your multilingual global offices.

Accurate, professional science and tech translations from language experts who specialize in the technical industry.

Expand your business to global markets with localization services that translate your marketing into a message your target audience resonates with.

Your film can reach international audiences with our accurate, localized subtitling services, available in any language.

Confirm that your film or multimedia message is accurately understood by audiences around the globe with professional voice-over translations.

We can handle documents in any common format starting from text files and up to PDFs, PPT, scan copies, Excel and graphical format such as Visio, InDesign and etc.

It’s our goal to keep communication effortless. With our Professional legal translator, you don’t have to waste time looking for the best legal translator for your specific case. We handle that all for you. And we’ll do it faster than any other legal translation company you’ll find.

Legal Document Translation Services

Wordfruit brings to you decades of experience in legal translation services for all types of important legal documents.

Wordfruit is proud to act as a legal translation agency for corporate and international dispute resolution departments of top tier legal practices with office in Mumbai and Services world-wide Benefit from our well-knit team of professional legal translators who are located in various time zones. We can handle large & complex legal document translation projects working to short deadlines with no loss of quality.

High Court Translation

Wordfruit, with a specific focus on legal translation services for court, provides high-quality professional translation and interpreting services globally to all industries, employing the best professionals with proven expertise and a special focus on translations for law firms dealing with complex court cases, including international arbitration.

We translate all types of court bundle documentation including:

High Court Translation

Depositions, Witness statements, Expert opinions, Court resolutions, Court interpreting, Criminal & public law

Business Translation

Contracts and deeds, Incorporation documents Minutes of meetings, Letters & statements, Property & leases

We undertake to treat any information received from the client and even the fact of engagement strictly confidential.

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