Industries We Serve

Government & NGos
Government & NGOs

Central & State  Government legislation, Social services,  NGO, and Non-governmental organization meetups & documents. Our native team of interpreters, Translators and localization experts will help you craft a smooth and impactful communication experience, no matter how culturally diverse the audience and leaders.


Education and eLearning
Education & eLearning

Ensure a flawless and consistent educational experience, no matter the world location, age, or language of participants. We have expert team of translators they can help you transform your educational materials, Research, Question Paper creating a highly relevant learning experience for participants worldwide.

IT & Software, Applications
IT & Software, Applications

Grow and expand to diverse new markets, worldwide. We have worked with Canera Bank on Application Translation. Our native team of Translation industry will help you localize and trans create product instructions, user manuals, Application Strings, technical documentation, XML Files and more.

Marketing & Advertising
Marketing & Advertising​

We are professional translation agency who Improve your global marketing efforts & Strategy with the help of our native local team. Website content, awareness films, media campaigns, and more, our global team of Word Fruit will help you convey your message to distinctly different audiences, gaining maximum impact. 

Biomedical & Pharma Research Thesis

We are Medical Translation Experts. We have performed over 1000 Medicines Translation in over 70 Languages which includes Usage, Pros Cons documentation of Medicines. We have Successfully Tran scripted 10000 Minutes of Audio Files of Cardiologist, Orthopedic, Diabetics   Doctors. We have also performed Biomedical devices manual, pharmaceutical & clinical trials documents and products, healthcare updates, and more, we’ll help you localize your company’s presence in markets around the globe, as per local compliance and regulatory guidelines.

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Retail & eCommerce

Grow your annual revenue by establishing a local consumer following in varied markets. Our translating team of retail and eCommerce website & promotional content translation & localization experts will help you translate and trans create web materials, product packaging, retail training materials, and more.

Travel & Tourism

Localize your website and brand materials, tour instruction into destination languages to attract the attention and business of travelers around the world. Our native Translation team will help you transform and translate company materials to resonate with the many varied cultures of your core audience.

Block Chain & Crypto
Block chain & Crypto

From proof of concept to live production, our native team of Word Fruit will help you translate user experiences for diverse audiences around the globe. Block chain platforms and crypto trading sites alike, we’ll help you engender the feelings of trust and accountability your users seek.

Engineering & Manufacturing

From concept to production, we’ll help you scale your business, expanding to markets around the globe. Our experienced team of Word Fruit will partner with you to translate product patents, technical designs, product manuals, Service manuals, booklets, packaging and assembly instructions, and more.

Can I afford to hire a professional Translator?

You can’t afford NOT to Getting your message wrong can cost money, ruin your image, and even cost lives. Whether you’re having a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign translated or need an interpreter to communicate treatment options between a doctor and patient, it pays to hire a professional to get the job done right.

I would like to share an example for error, In preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese authorities conducted a city-wide campaign to correct embarrassing translation errors. The mistranslations included signs labeling people with disabilities as “deformed” and wet-floor warnings advising to “slip carefully!” While the press enjoyed the story, translators were left scratching their heads. We are not against Machine Translation but there should be human interference to validate the accuracy of translation. 

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