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Legal Transcription Services

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Legal Document Translation Services for All Your Legal Needs

Word Fruit India Pvt Ltd is a Certified Legal Document Transcription Company that helps your business connect with the right Customers who are looking for your business. We are able to transcribe all your Legal audio & videos into 90+ languages. We are a Leading Provider of Legal Transcription Services in Mumbai.

We are a Certified Legal Transcription Services Provider in India

We offer various legal and business transcription in all regional languages. We also provide Legal Attestation & Certification (including social media posts, WhatsApp/Sms messages) which is valid as admissible evidence in Courts (Family courts, Sessions courts, High court). We are giving legal & general transcription services in Mumbai in all regional languages.

We are backed by 8 years of experience and also provide business transcription services and Section 65 B of Indian Evidence Act Certificate.

Dedicated to Your Legal Needs with Our Fast and Accurate Professional Legal Transcription Services in 90+ Languages across India.

It’s no secret that legal transcribing is flourishing in today’s society. Legal transcription services in Mumbai is known since ages. Writing client letters, preparing legal documents, and engaging with clients in general are just a few instances of services. In order to create a properly produced paper, we will also incorporate recorded sound (including physical cassettes, digital data, and video) and Wordfruit Legal Transcription services at Mumbai are here to aid you with the finest of all.

Legal transcription Services at Mumbai became popular when law and legal was given much of the importance. It is the process of converting court proceedings (including audio recordings) into a written text document that has been correctly organized so that you can obtain the information you need. There is a lot on the plate for lawyers and those who work with them. Not infrequently, they spend considerable time analyzing documents, interviews, and court recordings. Audio files from interviews or court papers can be sent to these services in order to get a written copy that is easy to read and scan.

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Why choose Word Fruit as your Legal document Transcription provider? 

Word Fruit India Pvt Ltd offers a range of transcription services for all recordings which is directly or indirectly involves in Legal Proceedings. We have dedicated transcribers and experts who understand legal terms.

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