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Medical Transcription Services

Word Fruit is one of the leading medical transcription service provide in Mumbai. We have been providing high quality medical transcription services online at affordable prices. We assist nursing homes, single doctor clinics, large group of physicians, hospitals and medical research centers to meet their transcription requirements. With a view to pitch accurate, error-free and prompt transcription services, we have a total workforce of 50+ Medical Transcribers and Proofreaders. , who work at our HIPAA compliant transcription facility.

There’s no doubt about the fact that text-based data analysis is easier. As a result, transcribing is vital in medical transcription scenario. A transcription is the process of converting aural information into a written document. Certain transcriptions of medical transcription may not appeal to everyone. When it comes to Medical transcriptions, Wordfruit offers a wide range of benefits for organizations in the Mumbai area.

Professional Medical Transcription

In medical transcription, accuracy is essential to success. It’s possible to convert your audio files to text format for faster inspection and approval. Hence, Medical Transcription services in Mumbai is all that you need whilst looking for a medical transcriber.

Transcription Services for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Providers

Medical Transcription Service in Mumbai

Wordfruit is extremely accurate for medical recordings, papers. While performing medical video transcription we transcribe your audio files first. Afterwards, they add timestamps and speaker tracking to the video before posting it. They check it for errors by proofreading it and the best part is that their medical transcription services are done by manpower’s instead of robots. It’s never been easier to find a transcription service in Mumbai but now it’s possible.




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