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Word Fruit (India) Pvt Ltd is based in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. An innovator of Professional Translation services & Transcription Services in India, Word Fruit, with its team of Translators, Trans-scripters, Designers has consistently delivered the best quality of language translation, transcription & desktop publishing services in Mumbai, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Chennai, West Bengal, Punjab & Assam. We specialize in professional, technical & edical translation services.

We have 8 Years of Experience in Translation Industry & our Translators have more than 15 years of Experience. With the skills of our professional translators & Multi Language Desktop Publishing Team, our translation services gain a special credibility that can spell the difference between acceptance and rejection of your message with resulting effects on your business. Word Fruit is a professional & ISO certified translation agency. We provide Language translation service, Certified Translation Service, Medical Translation Service, Legal Translation Services, Transcription Services & Desktop Publishing Services for 165+ Languages.

We provide authentic & certified translation service. Join us to know more about translation & its co – industries. 

Industries We Serve

Translation Service in Mumbai

Document Translation

Get Quality Human Translation for Multi Language Document Translation Service.

Legal Translation

Our professional lawyers & expert will do justice to the legal translation task.

Medical Translation

Terminology & Accuracy is different for medical language translation.

Website Translation

Multi-lingual website in Indian Language is turned out to be the most financially and fundamental fixing to enter Indian Market.

Software Translation

Get More Exposure in market for your application & software. Our professional translators are best in this industry with 15 Years of Experience.

Marketing Translation

Why to market in one language when there are 16 different languages spoken in India. Change the strategy & win The market.

Book Translation

Technique & Parameters are the essential in Book Translation. Get Meaningful translation with professional language experts for Book Translation.

Technical Translation

Get Professional Technical Translation service from Industry Experts Translators. Technical Translation is balance of Perfection & Purity of Words.

User Manual Translation

Addressing the target audience on the basis of their profession and education is key factor in User Manual Translation. Get Professional Translation Service For Your User Manual

Educational Translation

This segment required traditional words selection. Word selection is important in Educational Content Translation.

PR Translation

Press Release represent your status in the Market. 100% Accuracy is must in press release translation.

General Translation

We provides high quality, professional translations, our services will help you improve your global & local strategy.



In preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese authorities conducted a city-wide campaign to correct embarrassing translation errors. The mistranslations included signs labeling people with disabilities as “deformed” and wet-floor warnings advising to “slip carefully!” While the press enjoyed the story, translators were left scratching their heads.

Why to Hire Professional Translators ?

It takes more than just the ability to understand two languages. The education, experience and expertise of professional translator or interpreter allows them to recognize the nuances of one language and transfer them to another. A Professional who is familiar with your industry will know how to culturally adapt your content to the target audience you are trying to reach. A first impression can only be made once, so make sure to use it wisely. On the Left Side we have quoted negative remark & on the right hand side we have quoted the prosperous Positive remark. That’s Why We need Professional translators.



Most people prefer to shop in their native language because they are more comfortable with it. When they understand what they are reading, they feel more comfortable. This also applies to reading online. It’s highly improbable that possible customers in foreign or regional markets will find their way to your website using English-language searches.

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Had a really good experience with this agency. We have performed Application Strings Translation with this agency. Great Job Done!

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"Great job!"

We have used PPT Translation service in 8 Indian Regional Language for Road Safety Instruction Manual. Professional Translating Agency in Mumbai.


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"You are an absolute star!"

The service was quick, reasonably priced and the translation seemed perfectly fine when I received it. I have no complaints at all.

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    Wordfruit India Pvt. Ltd. is a professional translation agency. We are providing translation service from Last 8 Years. We have experienced and quality translators who are working in translation industry since more than 15 Years. Understanding the content and giving our best in translation is our daily practice. In case of any query please write us Email on wordfruitindia@gmail.com. Our Experts will surely attend your query and concerns.


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    Our Pricing - Regional

    Regional Languages
    हिन्दी : Hindi : ₹ 1
    Punjabi: ₹ 1.3
    Gujarati : ₹ 1.3
    Marathi : ₹ 1.1
    Kannada : ₹ 1.3
    Tamil : ₹ 1.3
    Telugu : ₹ 1.3
    Malayalam : ₹ 1.5
    Oriya : ₹ 1.5
    Bengali : ₹ 1.5
    Assamese : ₹ 1.5
    Urdu : ₹ 1.9
    Manipuri : ₹ 1.7
    Regional Languages
    हिन्दी : Hindi : ₹ 60
    Punjabi: ₹ 125
    Gujarati : ₹ 125
    Marathi : ₹ 80
    Kannada : ₹ 125
    Tamil : ₹ 125
    Telugu : ₹ 125
    Malayalam : ₹ 150
    Oriya : ₹ 150
    Bengali : ₹ 150
    Assamese : ₹ 150
    Urdu : ₹ 90
    Manipuri : ₹ 150

    Our Pricing - International

    Asian Languages
    Nepali : ₹ 2.5
    Barmish : ₹ 2.5
    Chinese : ₹ 3
    Bhasha Ind : ₹ 2.5
    Thai : ₹ 2.5
    Japanese : ₹ 3
    Middle Eastern
    Persian : ₹ 4.2
    Arabic : ₹ 4.2
    Kuwaiti : ₹ 4.2
    Heebru : ₹ 4.2
    More Language
    to be added soon
    European Languages
    German : ₹3.8
    Dutch: ₹3.8
    French : ₹3.8
    Swedish : ₹4.2
    More language
    To be added soon

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